Sam Smith

From number one singles “Stay with Me” and “Money on my Mind”, Sam smith is a renowned four time grammy winner. Sam Smiths voice astounded the world when he hit america with his first popular single “Stay with me”. When I first heard Sam he amazed me that he was only 22. His best pop vocal album is about his troubles with relationships, he announced he was gay in may of 2014. Through many interviews he explained “ I wanted everyone to know who this album was about and focus more on the vocals of his music”.
Sam Smith went from scrubbing toilets to performing with the greats in center stage. He’s a very appreciative guy who exclaimed that this is like living in a dream. Although he has an amazing voice that carries through your soul, people still are beguiled about his sexuality. I never understood why it matters to some people about his business.
Sam Smith takes most part in writing all his songs that he releases. He’s simply a musical genius in my opinion and he’s quite funny as a person. I enjoy watching interviews involving Sam Smith because he has a contagious smile. I can’t wait until he has his own tour through the States, he very well deserves to shine in his own spotlight.

Sam Smith performed with Mary J. Blige at the 57th annual Grammy Awards


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