Blonde Bob No Face

Known for the popular song “Chandelier” staring Maddie Ziegler from the popular reality show “Dance Moms”, Sia is one of the greatest from our times. Her new single “elastic heart” makes you want to get up and dance. It poses as a pop song but has greater meaning within.

Sia is known these days for not showing her face in the public eye. Her respected meaning behind being a mystery is simply to hide the fame. In the past she has done the whole popular famous ordeal, which, in the end lead to her depression state, as of today she does is for her greater good she simply “is over it” as she says.

Sia has written for many pop legends such as Britney Spears, Beyonce, Rihanna, and many more. Her talent behind it comes from just her creativity. She explains that the popular hit “Chandelier” was formed from her looking at a random object, the words and melody just come to her.

My opinion is that she is the greatest in our time, I have related and loved her since I heard a past hit “Breathe me”. She certainly has made a huge comeback since then, hitting number eight on the billboard charts and topping number one for her album in the US.

Sia, unfortunately,plans not to go on any tours for her music. She says “It’s not for her”. As Many,and I, would have love to hear her electrifying voice live, you will just have to hopefully attend a place where she will perform. She recently stunned the SNL crowd with her empowering performance of “Elastic Heart”, the video below. 


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