Ella Henderson

Many of you probably have heard the new single “Ghost” by Ella Henderson, I was at a local target looking at CD’s when I came upon her new album called “Chapter One”. I bought it and popped it into my car to take a listen, I love that song Ghost so I thought “lets see what else she has”. After listening to the album I couldn’t fathom how amazing her voice has struck me.

I started to research her immediately, She rose from Xfactor UK in 2012 at just 16 she gave the factor crowd a run for there money, not only was her voice powerful, but she wrote her own songs. Her audition song “missed” made it to her first debut album. Her voice has an uprising, that give you the chills down your spine. I felt as though I could listen to her voice all day long. I remember watching her performance at the EMA’s in Glasgow this past year, and she spoke to the crowd like she was meant to be a singer she did so well.

Her strong suit is definitely her slower material. They are full of meaning and you can feel her emotion to the song through the music. Thats when you know a song is good if you can feel it. The song “yours” on her new album is one of my personal favorites. It really spoke to my soul.

I believe she will get big and fast, if people would just take the time to listen to new music such as herself she will be an uprising in America. Hopefully, she comes to America for a small tour soon, I definitely recommend this young uprising artist



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